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 Eros EE rohs Archer of Love

Shko poshtė 

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Registration date : 12/08/2008
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MesazhTitulli: Eros EE rohs Archer of Love   31.03.09 3:28

Eros EE rohs

Archer of Love

In Theogony (116), Eros is listed as one of the primal gods of the generation
after Khaos, the originator. He is the most handsome of the immortals and can break the
will of the wisest god or the strongest mortal when scratched by one of his arrows.


With arrows of gold and lead, he
would wound the hearts of mortals and Olympians alike. The golden arrows inspired love and
the lead arrows caused distaste. In Theogony (120), it
’s said emphatically that ’Eros is love’. The negative aspect,
with the lead arrows, was added at a later date.

The Trojan War began when the
daughter of Zeus, Helen, was smitten by Eros
’ arrow. In the blind madness of love, she abandoned her husband, took her
bridal dowry and sailed off to Troy with her lover, Alexandros. I assume that Eros
’s enchantment can wear off
because after the sack of Troy we find Helen at home with her rightful husband Menelaos,
very much in love. She blamed her folly on Zeus, who, we can assume, now commands Eros.
Eros is most often confused with the
Roman god, Cupid.
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Eros EE rohs Archer of Love
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